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Stan Sayers Golf  Club Fitting programs feature leading brands in golf equipment. Stan’s expertise spans over 30+ years, and strives to offer the best possible experience for every player with clubs that maximize potential and performance.

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CLub Fitting Details & FAQs

Most likely, no. We have fit players of all abilities, from Major Championship winners to players with handicaps over 36. If you can make contact consistently, get the ball in the air most of the time, and have any sort of pattern to your shots, there is a good chance a fitting will benefit you. Some players may feel their swing is not consistent enough, but research has shown that the majority of a player’s impact patterns are actually very consistent from swing to swing, and only a couple variables have any significant amount of change. If one of our fitters believes a fitting would not be in your best interest or
produce the outcome you desire, you will not be charged for the session.

All studio fittings are scheduled by appointment only. Appointments tend to run about an hour for an individual club to upwards of 3 hours for a complete set of clubs, so please plan accordingly. First, we measure a player’s current set and observe performance with that set. The fitter then works through different combinations of the club head and shaft matrix. We utilize launch monitor technology to evaluate wedges, irons, hybrids, woods and drivers. Quintic Ball Roll System or V1 Golf Systems are also used for putting analysis, depending upon location. Once the best solution is found and the player chooses to place an order, that exact club is measured to the finest details so an exact replicate can be built. We expect a full fitting to take 3 hours to complete, with partial bag fittings needing 60-90 minutes to complete.

Customers are never obligated to purchase anything as a result of their fitting. We provide the recommended specifications to every customer once their fitting is completed. All clubs ordered through True Spec Golf are custom built exactly to the specifications identified in the player’s fitting under the tightest tolerances in the industry. A customer may choose to purchase these recommended products elsewhere, but we will only stand behind the results of a fitting if the order is placed through True Spec Golf.

Unfortunately, no. Any service provided must be charged for regardless if merchandise is purchased or not.

Every customer is quoted with a fulfillment time period within 14 days after the order is placed, depending on component availability. Most orders are shipped well within that commitment time, and we do everything to expedite the process as quickly as possible.

We stand by our fitting recommendations and our build process. If a customer notices the club they receive is not up to their performance expectations, we encourage that player to come back and see us free of charge so we can make the necessary adjustments to produce the results represented at the time of their fitting. If we are not able to find better solution that accomplishes this, we will issue a full refund once the items are returned.