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Ball speed, club speed, flight path, face angle… you name it. Stan incorporates TrackMan into lessons to give you a glimpse into the science behind golf, and pairs it perfectly with years of experience to help you improve the most.

Stop wasting shots not knowing your distances and patterns. Book today to see how TrackMan can help you improve your game.

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Learn the method that the best players in the world rely on, including three World #1 Ranked Players. AimPoint students have over 20 tour wins in the last 18 months.

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Five World #1’s

Five world #1 players have worked with Mark Sweeney and use AimPoint. They have won numerous titles while using AimPoint and have credited AimPoint for much of their putting success.

AimPoint Wins

Over 65 Professional Tour wins. Used by the US Amateur Champion and over 200 tour pros worldwide. Winners of countless college and junior titles also usedd AimPoint Express.

Proven Physics

The Golf Channel used AimPoint’s proven, independently verified physics model and software to accurately predict the break of the putts on live television. How do you know you can trust AimPoint to improve your putting?